West Bottoms - First Friday

H O L I D A Y  S H O P P I N G 

I feel like I could end the post there but for your sake, I'll elaborate. Every First Friday starting at 8:30 am the Antiquing Queens and Craft Kings get together to sell you their vintage, new, and refurbished goods. I say "goods" because there is so much for sale during First Friday that it's almost hard to put in words. You'll wander through modern farmhouse booths, someone's entire handcrafted Etsy shop, stores that feel exactly like Homegoods, and then shops that make you wonder "who in Kansas City can actually afford any of this..." The variety will give you a chance to cross everyone off your holiday shopping list. 


Oh! And guess what? There's one happening this Friday, December 1st.

Here's a list of all the stops and shops. Thanks. KC Star ;) 

Van Till Winery

"How have I never heard of this place?" Is what I asked myself over and over as I strolled through the Van Till Winery. Upon arrival, you will notice rows of greenhouses filled with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. If there is a wait for a table, well, you'll just have to go do a wine tasting to fill the time. Right after the wine tasting and right when you think this place can't possibly get any better, they bring you a farm to table wood-fired pizza made by cooks and servers who are paid a living wage (no need to tip at Van Till, if you do it will go to a charity of their choosing.)

Van Till Winery is one of Missouri's best kept secrets, and only a 15-minute drive from The Elms Hotel and Spa. This combo is actually what started the staycation movement.