Soil Service Garden Center

So one day I got really lost in Brookside.
While trying to operate a vehicle and a failing GPS I looked up and saw "Soil Service Garden Center." I was frustrated, tired of being lost and thought, "Well, might as well ask someone why my houseplant is dying." 

Walking into the store I felt comparable to Eve walking into the Garden of Eden. To best explain how magical this store is, I will let pictures speak for me. 


After 30 more pictures, a minor excited-freak out, and a Facetime call to my best friend, I was introduced to the owner's son, Mike. Mike told me that Soil Service is a family business that has been around since 1934, offering plants and landscaping services. He walked me around their greenhouses which are full of perennials, annuals, fruit trees, Missouri natives, tropicals, flowers, vegetables, seeds, and all of the hanging plants you've seen on Instagram that look too pretty to be real. 

Every employee I met was knowledgeable, kind, and went out of their way to help me. Their prices are great, and the plants are way healthier than any of the ones you'll find at major hardware stores (I'm bitter about the aphids, L*wes.)

If you're ready to get out of a winter rut & get some green into your home or garden, Soil Service will not disappoint. 

To learn more and to find their hours and directions, click here or you can find them on Facebook