Songbird Cafe

I'm from Kansas City, but when I lived in California I got into juicing. Let me tell you right now- California is not the place to get into juicing. Unless having no money is your thing, in which case California is the place to get into juicing. So when I stepped into Songbird and saw they offered not 2, but 16 fluid ounces of pure joy for $7 I was floored. I thought to myself, "this is why you moved home!" 

But actually, amazing juice prices are not why I moved home. I moved home because I missed the hospitality of Kansas City, and that hospitality can be found at Songbird Cafe. The small, family-owned business has a prime location on Grand Street in the Crossroads. The walls are full of local art, the tables are hand painted, and the menu is straight out of San Francisco without San Francisco prices. I ordered the Peacock Juice (cucumber, pear, kale, orange, lemon) per the owner's recommendation. And I ordered the Pear & Goat Cheese Panini per the owner's son's recommendation. 

It's not every day, and it's certainly not in every city, that you meet the owners of a restaurant. It's even less common that they are kind, and want to discuss the menu with you.
Small businesses like this one are what makes Kansas City special. If your day is lacking some charm or some amazing food, check out Songbird Cafe. 

Songbird's hours of operation, live music schedule, and full menu can be found here