House To Home

If you have closed on a home with us then you know we are not a team that disappears after you have moved in. We are invested in your happiness and comfort at your new home, which is why we started a campaign called House To Home. After you have settled in, we come to do a mini photoshoot of your family in the house that you have turned into your home. Our first participants, Justin & Alex, had the pleasure of working with Realtor Deanna Porterfield, and found a home just in time to prepare for baby Claire's arrival. 

Justin, Alex & Claire.

Justin, Alex & Claire.

Q: When you first saw your new home, did you know it was “the one?”
Justin & Alex: We knew pretty much right away, we felt like it had been waiting for us.

Q: What has been the best part about settling into your new home?
J&A: Having room to spread out, and room for [Claire's] stuff. We were in a one bedroom apartment before, and Claire was going to be in the office so having the room for her is huge. Also having more space for family and friends. We don't have to get folding chairs out when friends come over now. 

Q: Which is your favorite room in the house and why?
J&A: Claire’s nursery. But before her, I loved the kitchen. For this price, I didn't expect to get an updated kitchen so when we saw this in our price range it was even better than we could have expected.

Q: What do you like about the neighborhood?
J&A: It’s quiet and peaceful. We’ve met all of our neighbors, they're all really nice. The couple next door has a one-year-old, all the neighbors have been friendly and helpful. And it's close to everything, we couldn't have picked a better spot.

Q: How did working with the Jennifer Harvey Team make the home buying process easier for you?
J&A: In addition to having known Deanna, she was really patient, compassionate, persevered with us, and [she] was respectful when we didn't like something. We had a couple times when we made an offer and after inspections, we decided to walk away. Both times she was really easy to work with and was understanding.
I felt like the team worked together and supported us, too. There was at least one time when Deanna was out of town and she put us in touch with another Realtor in case something came up and it did. Diedre was able to take us right away, just like Deanna, which was really important for the housing market we were working in because it was so competitive. We wanted to get out there the same day and we did. Overall they were really responsive and worked well together as a team. It was a lot of fun even though it was a long process, it was a lot of fun.

Q: Got any big home improvement plans in store for 2018?
J&A: We’d like to start a garden!