KC Restaurant Week: Brown & Loe

Brown & Loe is located underneath the KC historic "City Market" sign. I didn't know this until a very recent Google search, but the Historic City Market's slogan is "where the locals go."

What I noticed during my time at Brown & Loe is that this is where everyone goes. While waiting for my table I saw the tallest cowboy couple I have ever seen, cool chicks covered in tattoos, a group of ladies & their husbands that were fresh out of the country club, an all women's book club, young parents, father's with daughters, and me holding my camera and an obnoxiously large case that shouts, "Yes! I will be the girl photographing her food before she eats!"

But if there is one thing I have learned during my travels, when you see a restaurant with that many types of people all enjoying themselves, you can bet your behind that the food is good. 
And it is. And not just that, the service is good too. This was my 3rd stop for KC Restaurant Week, and it's the only stop I am writing about because here, the quality of food matches the quality of service.

I'm not a food critic, nor an atmosphere critic, so my opinion is a very humble one, and it is this: Brown & Loe is an all-around 10.
Restaurant week or not, put this place on your must-see list. 

To view the full menu, or to make a reservation, visit http://www.brownandloe.com/