New Home vs Resale


Should I buy a new home or resale?

This is a typical question I receive since I have been a New Home agent for almost 10 years.  It is a great question, and the answer really depends on your goals, wants and needs in a home.

A huge factor to consider is your timeframe.

If you are flexible and do not need to move right away, then building a new home is a great option. Building is a lot of fun because you can choose everything you want in your home, but if that seems overwhelming then you can also find a model home you like and have your plan designed exactly like the model. When designing a custom home, it’s all about the builder relationship. With the right builder, you can design the home of your dreams in a timeframe that works for you. Most the builders we work with have a design center where you can go in with ideas and leave with a floorplan. Many have designers on-site to help you with tough selections, and to increase efficiency.

Another question I often hear is, “does building cost more than resale?”

Not always, especially in the current market where depending on your price point, multiple offers may drive up the price of a resale home. When building, remember you are customizing a home to fit all your needs on a home site of your choice, and new homes come with a one year warranty that covers everything in the home. While this does include one-time costs like fences and windows, you are customizing it so they will be exactly what you want.

If your time frame is not conducive to building, then resale is a good option.

When you are in need of a super quick close on a home, resale usually offers the most options for you to choose from with a faster close time.

Another option that not everyone knows about is to look at spec homes. A spec home is a home the builder has started to build for a speculative buyer. These home can be purchased at any time during the build, so depending on your time frame you can find a spec home that can still be customized to your taste, or purchase a completed one and move in right away.

One of the major benefits of buying a resale home is that they have an established neighborhood. While new home communities turn into established neighborhoods, it takes time.

The most important thing is to look at all your options and decide what works best for you. Our team has many years of experience in new homes and resale and can help you every step of the way! Don’t wait to move into the home of your dreams.