Pizza Bella

Few people know this but when you look up "charming" in the dictionary there is actually a photo of Pizza Bella next to the definition.

Okay so few people know this because it's not true, but it could and should be true. Walking into Pizza Bella, or "PB" if you want it to sound even cuter, feels like walking into a warm living room with a cozy fireplace waiting for you. This is in part because there is an actual furnace burning in Pizza Bella. The pizza is wood-fired, thus adding deliciousness to the charm.

My first time in PB I was only there to visit a friend who was an employee at the time. He was roasting brussel sprouts on an open fire and I was saying "ew, brussel sprouts are gross." He stopped stoking and replied "you haven't tried our brussel sprouts, have you?" From that moment on everything is a blur. All I can see is a haze of slivered almonds, craisins, and me at the grocery store buying bags of brussel sprouts demanding that he give me the recipe (he didn't. He means nothing to me now.)

Since that hazy day, I have never gone to PB and not ordered the brussel sprouts. Also, since that day their menu has become even more incredible. They still have the classic recipes that have been around for the 10 years that Pizza Bella has, but insiders know (and now you know) that you can customize just about anything at Bella, ( I replace the tomato sauce with Thai chili paste) and their non-pizza specials are ever changing. So if warm cozy places and delicious food is your thing, then Pizza Bella is your thing. Give this restaurant in the Crossroads a try. Lunch time is great for no wait, and if you're coming on the weekend, a reservation is not a bad idea. 

If this review has somehow not convinced you and you need to know more, or if you need directions because it has convinced you and you are on the way right now, check them out here . Their Facebook page is updated often, and their photos speak for themselves.