Sasha's Baking Company

I should start by voicing a very unpopular opinion: I don't like cinnamon rolls. 

In the scheme of pastries, they're a solid "eh"  so when the person behind the counter at Sasha's said cinnamon rolls were their specialty I thought, "Alright. I'll do it for the people, just this once." I sat down with my espresso and my eh pastry and did what I had to do... I kid you not the roll was gone in uner 5 bites and under 8 seconds. I didn't like cinnamon rolls because none of them had ever tasted like this cinnamon roll. Sasha's managed to make the outside layers taste as good as the inside layers.

While contemplating whether or not to go order the rest of the rolls in the case, the new Australian owner, Rob, came and introduced himself with an offering of fried Greek Haloumi cheese. That's right, the owner of a French bakery in Kansas City is Australian, and he serves Greek cheese. Rob explained that Australia has a rich diversity of cultures, and therefore recipes. His vision for Sasha's is to incorporate global dishes in a way that is sophisticated yet accesible. He also assured me that Sasha's (which has been open since 2013) will keep it's French bakery roots. He also gave me an inside scoop *they have an all new menu coming soon* 

So next time you need a sugar break, a bread break, a coffee break, or just a reason to get out of the house, stop by Sasha's. 

Sasha's Baking Co is located at 105 W 9th St
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
You can learn more about them on their Facebook