Unruh Furniture

When I visited Unruh Furniture, I thought I was lost. I pulled up to a 100-year-old church and thought, "Okay, GPS, very funny but I do go to church often enough and I don't need your judgment right now." However, it was not a snarky message from God or Garmin, I was at Unruh Furniture. 

Upon further reflection, the location still doesn't really make sense, but it doesn't have to. What you need to know about Unruh is that this is the spot in Kansas City for handmade furniture and you need their furniture in your house

Why am I so adamant? Well, it's not just how great their furniture looks, (which is coming, I promise!) it's also what's on the inside of this business that counts 

And the list goes on, but I already know what's going to convince you that you need Unruh Furniture in your life, so here it is:

Nothing pairs better with a new home than new, handcrafted furniture. When you buy some, just be sure to invite us over to see it. We'll bring the champagne.

Full List of furniture can be found here

*all photos are from Unruh Furniture